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Ortho K lenses at Sarah Dineen Opticians

Ortho K Lenses

Find freedom from your contact lenses or spectacles during the day.


Orthokeratology - also known as Ortho K - is a vision correction therapy developed to improve your eyesight whilst you sleep so you can enjoy a life without lenses during the day.

Ortho K is a highly innovative technique that involves wearing lenses overnight.


The lens gently and painlessly reshapes your cornea whilst you sleep, providing you with clear, comfortable vision without having to wear your glasses or contact lenses during the day. 


The lenses are safe and non-damaging to your eyes. It is suitable for people who are myopic (short-sighted) and becoming more popular with children to prevent the progression of their short-sightedness.

 Otho K contact lenses

What Are Ortho K Lenses?

A Life Without Glasses or Contact Lenses

Imagine not needing to wear your spectacles or contact lenses during the day - without the need of laser surgery. 


People choose Ortho K for many reasons. They are ideal for people who have an active lifestyle or enjoy playing sports, suffer from hayfever or work in dusty or smoky environments. You may just be fed up with wearing spectacles or contact lenses and want to wake up to clear, natural vision every day. 


If you’d like to find out more and whether you are suitable for Ortho K, please contact us to arrange your initial appointment.




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