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Sarah Dineen - Autism friendly Opticians

Autism Friendly Opticians

We understand that those with autism and related spectrum conditions may experience things differently and that an eye test can cause anxiety. 


We will happily make adjustments to our practice environment where we can so that all of our patients can enjoy a comfortable visit.

What to Expect at Sarah Dineen Opticians

We want all of our patients to feel as comfortable as possible when visiting our practice. We appreciate that everybody's needs are different. Below you can learn more about how we can tailor every appointment to the individual. 


If you’re thinking of coming to see us for an eye test and have specific requirements, please give us a call so that we can discuss how best to help you.


Below is a step-by-step guide to the eye testing process at our practice, which gives you a good idea of what to expect from your time at Sarah Dineen Opticians.

A Typical Appointment 


Sarah Dineen Opticians is on Station Road in Hadfield (opposite the Post Office)

Sarah Dineen Opticians


You come in and go to the reception desk and tell the person at the desk you are here for an eye test.

Sarah Dineen Opticians reception


After you have checked in, sit on a chair and wait to be called.

Sarah Dineen Autism Friendly


The Optometrist will come and say hello and take you in the testing room. There are 2 Optometrists who work here.

Aled at Sarah Dineen Opticians


Sarah Dineen



There is a lot of equipment in the room we can take pictures of your eyes.

Eye test equipment at Sarah Dineen


You may be asked to read letters, don't worry if you can't - we can use pictures instead.

Autism Friendly
Autism frdiendly - Sarah Dineen Opticians


You may need to have some drops in your eyes. They may sting and will make your vision go blurry. Don't worry, the next day your eyes will be as they were before.

If you need some glasses, the Dispensing Optician will help you choose the frames and make sure they fit properly. She will use a ruler to measure what size you need.

Autism friendly - dispensing optician


Once you have chosen your frames it will take up to 2 weeks for them to made especially for you. You will come back and we will make sure they fit.

Sarah Dineen frames

How Can We Help You?

If there are any particular sensory issues we need to be aware of, please give us a call to discuss them.


  • We can arrange a pre-test visit to familiarise you with the practice.

  • We can switch off the lighting. 

  • We can try and arrange your appointment for a quieter time.

  • If you need several visits to complete your eye test that isn't a problem.

  • We can make sure no one is wearing perfume if that is an issue.

Just let us know if there is anything else we can do to accommodate you.



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